Somebody’s Monster


A tale of mystery, thrill, and erotic love.
Vance Steward only wanted to start over.
His wish was granted – but not in the ways he’d expected.
Chased by a Kraken responsible for the murder of their commander, fighter pilot Vance Steward and his crew navigate through unknown territories, their ship running on its last power supplies.
Victim to a freak accident, Vance is gravely injured and can only watch as his comrades fight for their lives, his hopes of survival growing thin. However, between darkness and stars, Vance finds himself forming a close bond with Luenos, an alien passenger robbed of sight who seeks to find his long-lost family.
Left to his own demise by his crewmates, trapped in a battle with life and death, love and war — Vance makes a promise to Luenos that will change their lives forever.
But enemies aren’t always who you think they are.
And betrayals might be just around the corner.


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An M/M, Sci-Fi, Erotic Romance.

Somebody’s Monster far exceeded my expectations on a homoerotic novel with space ships. It was ridiculously enjoyable to read. It left me wishing for a continuation. Soon, like for the next day. And why not the very same day I finished reading it? Well, I needed to rest after more than six hours of staring at a computer screen, because yes, I read it in one go and ignored the world around me in the meanwhile. — Lais N.

I really enjoyed this book! I couldn’t put it down once I stated it! As soon as I finished it I blew out a breath and said was “What a ride!”. Beau is a wonderful author who stories always leave me enraptured and wanting more! — Juni J.

Would never have thought I’d find myself enjoying an alien romance but here we are — Ellie