Rooftops At Sunrise

Aoi celebrates her eighteenth birthday by drinking medical food on her school’s rooftop with a young man, Damian, that she met minutes ago.

Damian doesn’t fit in. His parents disowned him for being transgender. He dropped out of school. And now, he’s on a mission to get abducted by aliens, so that he won’t have to deal with people anymore.

When Damian asks Aoi if she’d like to come along for the ride as he road trips across the country in an attempt to spot a UFO and make contact with the unknown, Aoi is torn. She wants to tag along—the summer holidays are coming up, and what better way to celebrate her birthday than to do something completely unexpected?

But there’s just one problem: Damian doesn’t know Aoi’s suffering from MCAS, and even going to school is a struggle for Aoi. So… road tripping across the country? Can she really do it? Even if Aoi wants to live a little… would it truly be a wise idea?

A coming of age story about two young adults who find themselves through the means of an impossible mission!


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