A classic tale of boy-meets-girl. Except the boy, Francis, happens to be a lonely warlock bound to an island by a mysterious curse. And the girl, Angela, is a siren who tires of spending her endless days singing for sailors and eating humankind.

On a fateful night, Angela attempts to seduce Francis during one of her hunts, but suddenly realizes that she cannot, for the young warlock is deaf.

The siren is on the verge of giving up and leaving Francis be, when a tidal wave slams her to the ground and injures her badly. Instead of leaving her to die, Francis takes Angela in.

Although the two form an odd pair, they find themselves appreciating each other’s company more than they’d thought possible. However, as their friendship blossoms into romance, Angela has questions: Who is Francis, really? And why has he been cursed, when he appears to be nothing more than a lovely young man?

The siren wants answers—and she will get them, no matter what.

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