Android Affection


After his parents were murdered by the hands of three Assistants—intelligent, empathetic androids that have replaced most humans in the workplace—23-year-old Ian Starke swore to himself that he would never make the mistake of trusting another machine.
During a night of drinking his sorrows away, Ian gets involved in a street fight soon stopped by Gilbert—a newbie cop who also happens to be an Assistant. As Gilbert lets the other party leave, Ian assumes his arrest is imminent. However, his new acquaintance seems to have other plans in mind. For when Gilbert finally releases him: he treats Ian to breakfast instead of locking him behind bars.
Little could Ian predict that agreeing to pancakes would get him dragged into adventures he’d never thought possible as he and Gilbert learn put their differences aside and work together to solve a case close to Ian’s heart.


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An M/M, Romance coupled with hints of Science-Fiction and Mystery.

Coming soon.