Beau Van Dalen

Author of Somebody's Monster and many more.

Somebody's Monster

A tale of mystery, thrill, and erotic love.

Vance Steward only wanted to start over.

His wish was granted – but not in the ways he’d expected.

Chased by a Kraken responsible for the murder of their commander, fighter pilot Vance Steward and his crew navigate through unknown territories, their ship running on its last power supplies.

Victim to a freak accident, Vance is gravely injured and can only watch as his comrades fight for their lives, his hopes of survival growing thin. However, between darkness and stars, Vance finds himself forming a close bond with Luenos, an alien passenger robbed of sight who seeks to find his long-lost family.

Left to his own demise by his crewmates, trapped in a battle with life and death, love and war — Vance makes a promise to Luenos that will change their lives forever.

But enemies aren’t always who you think they are.

And betrayals might be just around the corner.


Adult Romance

MOONLIGHT - Book I: Dusk

Ilragorn’s history never lies.
The obedient ones live.
The traitors always perish.

In daylight, Indigo Sarte is the perfect daughter, a future student of the Healing Arts. In the shadows, he is a master of forbidden alchemy, ruthless and cunning, all in the name of fulfilling his wish for true freedom.

Indigo’s sights are set on The Academy—a prestigious establishment where aspiring alchemists are taught to master gifts inherited from their birthrights. But Indigo is recognized as a woman amongst his peers, and The Academy’s rules are clear: Women heal. Men fight. Disobey—die.

Dark Fantasy

New Adult


White; and the colors you showed me.

White was all Chance Lyons had ever known. It was the color of hospital walls and silence, the color of the blouse he wore, his pills, the sick and his skin after he stopped seeing the outside world. White tainted everything he ever touched—it was his color. That is, until he met Owen and Gabriel, two friends determined to show Chance what it's like to live again.




About The Author

Beau Van Dalen has been writing for several years. Between short stories, poems and novels—he can always be found with a pen in hand. Beau's first novel 'Somebody's Monster' was published in July 2018. Since then, he has continued to release other works such as Flower Girl, Android Affection, and many more.

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